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  • The First Ever Laminex Kitchen Designed by Australia is Revealed

    South Australian resident, Emma Witts, is now the happy owner of a brand new kitchen, designed by Australia. Emma won the competition after entering a photograph of her previous space, as part of Laminex Australia’s $20,000 kitchen giveaway on Facebook. 

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  • Laminex Adds Style to an Inner City Home
    Creating a holiday house for city living was of utmost importance to Carole Whiting, Director of Carole Whiting Interiors and Design, and her architect husband, Steven, when the pair set about designing their Albert Park family home.Read more
  • Laminex Adrenaline Experience Promotion
    Congratulations to the winners of the Laminex Open House at AWISA “Win a Laminex Adrenaline Experience” competition.Read more
  • Protect+ in action: The Radiology SA

    Radiology SA is a practice located in Port Adelaide, South Australia, and is one of the first projects to apply Laminex Redback Laminate with Protec+ in its renovation and refurbishment as a healthcare project application. 

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  • Choose Laminex for antimicrobial protection for your next project

    Hygiene is ranked as one of the top three surface selection criteria for interior spaces*. With increased demand for hygienic surface options, Laminex has added its innovative antimicrobial surface, Protec+, across its entire range of Laminex Redback post formable and Laminex Multipurpose Compact Laminates.

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  • essastone Range Update
    We’re excited to introduce the new essastone range. With the enduring appeal of natural quartz and a fresh contemporary palette, the brand new essastone range offers the look of luxurious natural stone in a range of styles varying from classic European to modern industrial.Read more
  • Set for the sea with Laminex
    Capturing the passengers’ imagination and enhancing their ability to connect with nature, was of key importance when the MV Sorrento was sent to dry dock for a complete refit. Nexus Designs was commissioned by Searoad Ferries to design the new interior of the 61.4 metre ferry. Read more
  • Benchtops
    The way designers play with the proportion and scale of benchtops is beginning to diverge. While the design of benchtops has traditionally focused on standard thickness, at International kitchen show Eurocucina this year, both thin and overproportioned shapes took centre stage.Read more
  • The Natural
    When creating a beautiful space, designers are increasingly looking to our natural environment for inspiration. In nature, we see wood and stone full of natural imperfections. Wood can have knot holes and sap stains, while stone is uniquely veined and marked.Read more
  • Laminex Australia Visits Eurocucina 2016
    Last month, the top international kitchen fair Eurocucina took over the Milan Read more
  • Eurocucina 2016 Product Match
    Disrupting regular geometry to create a point of visual interest is a challengeRead more
  • Eucocucina 2016 Trend Spotter
    When it comes to one of the biggest trends in design, less is certainly more.Read more
  • Engineered to Perfection with Laminex
    Inertia’s engineering office has received a complete make-overRead more
  • Formica Featured on Better Homes and Gardens
    Channel 7’s Better Homes and Gardens team took on the challenge for their Bunnings Special and completely transformed two cargo carriers to contemporary retreats.Read more
  • Laminex Innovations Plex Collection
    Creating wow factor or a point of interest in an otherwise neutral space can be a challenge for many residential and commercial designers.Read more
  • Timber and White
    Aesthetically pleasing yet practical, the statement look created by timber and white will bring a sleek and stylish look to any room.Read more
  • Reef, rainforest and tropical landscape come to life in Cairns Hospital
    Native flowers, colourful reefs and tropical rainforests are brought to life in Cairns Hospital, thanks to Laminex Australia.Read more
  • Formica Flooring

    Australia’s love affair with timber means timber flooring looks are top of mind and completely on-trend right now, and Formica Laminate Flooring is the perfect solution for homeowners to achieve a durable timber look at a fraction of the price. 

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  • Laminex Australia makes top 5 most viewed ecofriendly products
    Laminex Australia is excited to announce that Trade Essentials Craftwood MR and Laminex Structural MR E0 MDF made the Ecospecifier’s list of top 25 products viewed in 2015, ranking 4th and 5th respectively.Read more
  • New Take on Nordic

    As the colder months approach, this year’s take on Scandinavian style is the ideal look to incorporate into your space. Renowned for its stylish simplicity and northern European elegance, Scandinavian sophistication will have you embracing the winter chill. 

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  • Soignee Spa in Scone NSW

    An old barn has been updated and transformed into an elegant hairdressing and beauty salon, using the latest, innovative range from Laminex - making this building truly one of a kind. 

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  • Laminex Protec+ Raises the Bar for Hospitality

    Whether you're checking into a hotel or just ordering a coffee, it’s immediately clear that Australian design expectations have soared. We’re seeing ingenuity and creativity becoming the new standard in everyday spaces. People expect their flat white to be served together with a spoonful of unexpectedly brilliant design. <......Read more

  • Laminex Shines in Caroma Bathrooms Photoshoot
    As Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of decorative surfaces, we’re delighted to work with Caroma Bathrooms on this project and supply them with a selection from the Aquapanel range.Read more
  • Contemporary Shades

    Move over muted creams and neutrals, there are some bold new shades on the block and they are injecting more intensity into design than we’ve seen in a long time.

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  • UCI’s Melbourne Showroom

    Rapid and cost-effective solutions are in the spotlight for today’s commercial fit-outs, which is precisely why Laminex Clipwall was selected for UCI’s dynamic new showroom reception in Melbourne.

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  • Laminex Voted Top Trusted Brand
    Laminex Australia has been voted the “Top Trusted Brand for Laminates, Solid Surfaces & Veneers” by Australia’s building and architecture professionals in 2015, Infolink Building Products News and Architecture & Design.Read more
  • Jesters Jumps Into A New “Ridiculously Tasty” Era With Laminex®

    When gourmet pie franchise Jesters partnered with world-famous Krispy Kreme in late 2014, it signaled a new era for the brand, transforming it into a pie, coffee and donut wonderland. 

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  • Authentic Woodgrains
    Authenticity. Take some time to get to know this theme because, in 2016, it’s going to be everywhere. Materials, textures and designs inspired by nature, whether animal, mineral or plant are well and truly in. But none more so than woodgrains.Read more
  • Winners Revealed For Laminex Australia’s Project of the Year
    Meet the winners of Laminex Australia's Project of the Year 2015…
    The vibrant Transperth Information Centre by Hart Architects and a stunning mid-century modern Sydney kitchen by Scott Weston Architecture Design have been crowned Laminex Australia’s 2015 Projects of the Year, each winning a $10,000 business grant!Read more
  • 2016 Laminex Range Update
    Warm woodgrains, veined stone and shades of grey are amongst the 20 new design-leading decors we’ve added to the Laminex range. So it’s never been easier to inject style, creativity and desirability into everyday residential and commercial spaces.Read more
  • Laminex Finished Natural Timber Veneers
    As natural timber persists as the favoured material for interiors, Laminex unveils four new designs in its Finished Natural Timber Veneers range, empowering striking, inviting and practical design for commercial or residential spaces.Read more
  • Natural Formations
    The power of nature is a beautiful thing, especially in design. What’s not to love about raw timber grains and the soft, muted palette of naturally coloured linens? Whether it be timber, linen, stone or even leather, natural patterns radiate an honesty and simplicity that will steal the show. Read more
  • Taylor Made Joinery Showroom
    When Taylor Made Joinery was looking to revamp its showroom in Sale, Victoria, it needed a solution that was quick, simple and durable. With its customers spanning architects, designers and homeowners, the product displays needed to look sharp and professional.Read more
  • Laminex Continues to Inspire in Unexpected Ways
    Laminex has successfully built a strong reputation as leaders in the Australian design landscape with their unexpectedly brilliant finishes. Now, it seems the brand has entered the fashion scene in the most unexpected way with talented young Australian – Olivia Delahunty – recently unveiling a forward-thinking dress as part of the Apex ......Read more
  • Your Space, Reimagined: Laminex Range Update
    Laminex is bringing you never-before-seen decors and leading products that let you reimagine your space for today’s world.Read more
  • Formica Flooring in Sorrento Oak
    Are you looking for that picture-perfect woodgrain for your interior design? The newest decor from Formica Flooring helps you strike just the right note.Read more
  • Concrete Creations

    It’s incredible to think that concrete was once seen only as a simple building material. Today’s leading architects and designers are using concrete in unexpected and unusual ways to create modern and interesting designs. 

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  • Gallerie Showroom, Port Melbourne
    Shipping containers, imaginative spaces and the latest innovative products from Laminex Australia come together to create an inspirational new showroom for Melbourne-based home design centre, Gallerie.Read more
  • Make a lasting impression with Clipwall

    The latest smart product to get design professionals thinking beyond the traditional boundaries is Laminex Clipwall. Clipwall is a unique wall lining system that allows architects, specifiers and designers to effortlessly incorporate stunning patterns and textures into commercial interiors.   

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  • Project of the Year

    There are just two months left to enter the Project of the Year competition and get in the running to win a $10,000 business grant!

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  • All eyes on: Plywood Styling

    Gone are the days when plywood was used only for construction. Now leading interior designers and architects simply can’t get enough of this versatile, simple and cost-effective material.

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  • Camberwell Grammar School’s Wheelton Centre

    When Camberwell Grammar School sought a visionary approach for its new senior school, Peter Crone Architects worked with Laminex Australia to create a spatial experience beyond the norm.

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  • Study Nooks for the Home
    Whether working from home or simply creating a small space for life admin, converting previously unused areas into a study nook is fast becoming a popular residential trend. Read more
  • Laminex Antimicrobial High Pressure Laminate
    Nearly 1 in 2 homeowners rate ‘cleanability and hygiene’ second on the list of decision making criteria for new kitchen surfaces, according to the 2015 Houzz Australia Kitchen survey.Read more
  • Scandinavian Inspiration
    Simplicity, functionality and natural light reign supreme in Scandinavian design. So it’s no wonder homeowners and designers around the globe are looking to Nordic inspiration to create spaces that are beautifully simple and simply beautiful.Read more
  • Laminex Win a $20K Kitchen Renovation
    South Australian resident Emma Witts was selected as the winner of the Laminex Win a Kitchen competition in May this year. Emma felt her retro 70s kitchen was in desperate need of an update to meet the needs of her growing family.Read more
  • Laminex 2016 Range Updates
    The Laminex 2016 range update is coming in October, bringing with it not only significant colour and finish updates. To make way for new stock, there will be a number of decors coming off range.Read more
  • Brighton Grammar School
    Centrally located within Melbourne’s prestigious suburb of Brighton, Brighton Grammar School (middle school building) recently underwent an update to embrace the school’s modern style of learning.Read more
  • Transform Dull Commercial Spaces with Laminex Decorative Screens
    With industry leaders turning to simple commercial updates over a complete rebuild, Laminex Decorative Screens provide easy solutions for office and warehouse updates. Read more
  • Café Style Inspiration
    Light and rustic meets industrial, the multitude of café style’s offer plenty of diverse inspiration for contemporary interiors. No longer restricted to the hospitality industry, home owners and design enthusiasts are replicating the latest looks in the home.Read more
  • Laminex Writable Walls
    Responding to the demand for more collaborative work spaces in the commercial industry, Laminex launched a range of durable and functional wall panels, including several hugely successful Writable Wall options.Read more
  • Layering greys
    As this season’s top trending colour option, grey continues to earn a reputation as the superior shade for contemporary interiors. For a strong impact, grey can be used to soften bolder colourways, including deep charcoals and navy blue.Read more
  • Novotel Canberra Hotel
    Centrally located in the heart of Canberra’s business district, Novotel Canberra is home to a multitude of corporate events, functions and conferences.  The prestigious hotel has recently undergone a makeover using Laminex Clipwall.Read more
  • Laminex Metaline for the kitchen and bathroom
    Warm metallic decor additions remain at the forefront of design in 2015, enhancing tones and textures in interiors with a reflective glow. Warm mettalics such as rose-gold, copper and bronze rise in popularity with design-leading interiors.Read more
  • Laminex Wall Panels: Button-fix
    Laminex Australia introduces Button-fix, an exclusive mounting wall solution to complement Laminex wall panels. For design professionals looking to achieve design-leading spaces. Read more
  • Feather Patterns
    Feather prints and patterns are swooping in this season with inspiration taken from a mix of nature, boho looks and eclectic trends. Introduce a whimsical vibe in simple decor features or make a statement with larger prints.Read more
  • Niramaya Signature Villas
    Located at the prestigious Niramaya Signature Villas in Port Douglas, The Amoda is a three bedroom, three bathroom display villa which required a designer look to communicate its distinct personality and luxury appeal.Read more
  • Laminex Impressions Textured Surfaces Spark Finish
    The Laminex Impressions textured surfaces range is a reliable choice for home owners and design professionals looking to add a touch of class to residential and commercial interiors. Spark finish is the perfect laminate alternative for natural materials, replicating the look of real stone but with the added benefits of laminate.Read more
  • Essastone New Decor Release
    Selected specifically for Australian interiors, the newest additions –Vesuvius and Marscapone – replicate the look of Italian natural stone, and adds an element of warmth to a room. Reflecting the latest in emerging design trends, essastone has introduced the two new designs to its luxurious collection of durable enginee......Read more
  • Design leading wall-lining systems: Laminex Clipwall
    Incorporating durable and decorative walls into functional commercial spaces can be achieved with the wide range of Laminex Wall Panel solutions including the Laminex Clipwall range, recently shortlisted for the Good Design Awards.Read more
  • Futuristic Inspired Interiors
    Clean-cut conical and robotic geometric shapes in fluorescent silver and purple hues are creating futuristic inspired interiors. This vision of the future is now capturing the attention of architects and designers and can be easily adapted to everyday spaces. Read more
  • Adelaide Oval
    The iconic South Australian sporting stadium is home to arena-style concerts as well as sporting events. With the recent addition of two new grandstands, there was a sudden demand for dynamic usability in the space with designs that celebrate the heritage elements of the iconic oval.Read more
  • Project of the Year 2015 launch
    Entries are now open for Laminex Australia’s 2015 Project of the Year.  Following the success of last year’s program, this year’s competition comprises two categories.Read more
  • Working with White
    White is one of the most popular and commonly used hues by home owners and design professionals. Regularly utilised for its ability to deliver a neutral base and an illusion of greater space, white can be displayed with a blend of texture or pattern to add interest to interiors.Read more
  • Laminex Silk Finish
    Laminex has introduced four new decors to its Silk Finish range. Showcasing warm timber tones paired with a stylish gloss finish to reflect the lustrous trends shaping the design landscape in 2015. Read more
  • 2014 Project of the Year Winner – F2 Architecture
    Dark fairy-tales, twilight zones, smoked mirrors and crystals were on the brief for the double-storied emporium. In line with the brand essence of Marais Australia, the fit-out required a luxurious and extraordinary space suitable to house the carefully curated collections.Read more
  • Summer Inspired Interiors
    Peaceful summer skies, tranquil ocean water and sandy coastal shores are the heart of summer inspired interiors. Channel these ideal locations with shades of blue, sandy colouring and natural plants or textures.Read more
  • MPavilion
    Inspired by the annual Serpentine Gallery in London’s Hyde Park, MPavilion is a unique temporary architecture project designed to support and celebrate Melbourne’s identity as a significant city for the arts.Read more
  • Laminex Innovation Lounge Pearl
    The Laminex Innovations range offers luxury, texture and pattern for saavy designers looking to introduce an innovative style into commercial and residential spaces. Featuring a number of collections with the look of leather yet the added benefits of laminate. Read more
  • Get an Unexpectedly Brilliant Finish with Laminex
    With a myriad of colour, pattern and texture combinations suitable for the entire home, Laminex makes it possible for design professionals and enthusiasts to achieve an unexpectedly brilliant finish in residential and commercial interiors, and even the outdoors.Read more
  • Scandinavian Inspired Interiors
    Scandinavian inspired interiors showcase simple form and smooth, clean lines. This trend uses earthy, muted tones, white walls and wooden flooring combined with texture.Read more
  • Laminex is a Top 100 Trusted Brand in 2014
    Laminex Australia has been named a top 10 most trusted brand in Australia according to a survey conducted by leading industry directory Infolink. Read more
  • Laminex Partners with MPavilion
    As a leading Australian decorative surfaces brand, Laminex is pleased to be a corporate partner of the inaugural 2014 MPavilion.Read more
  • Family Feud Stars in the New Set Design
    Baenziger Coles Architects and Interior Designer turned to Laminex Metaline to achieve this look for Channel 10’s relaunch of the popular television game show, Family Feud.Read more
  • Wall-to-wall style: design-leading solutions from Laminex

    Design professionals are embracing walls beyond their main purpose – a supporting structure – and exploring their full potential to create inspiring and interesting commercial spaces. 

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  • Formica brings the beauty of timber to interiors

    Formica has refreshed its flooring range with the introduction of eight new colours and finishes designed specifically for Australian interiors. 

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  • Laminex Australia 2015 Trends Forecast – Oriental
    Oriental design is a fusion of several different styles, ranging from exotic Indian themes to subtle Japanese tones to the vibrant colours of Chinese design.Read more
  • Catholic Commission for Employment Relations
    The Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER) is a not for profit organisation. Recently their traditional office space was transformed into a vibrant hub to inspire design collaboration and interaction.Read more
  • Laminex Australia 2015 Trends Forecast – Real
    We’re shining a spotlight on Real from our 2015 Laminex Australia Trends Forecast. Real looks to nature and the natural environment.Read more
  • AWISA Brisbane Exhibition
    Laminex partnered with Lincoln Sentry, a leading trade distributor of cabinetry and architectural hardware, to showcase a variety of Laminex products in an innovative kitchen.Read more
  • New online design tool inspires the interior designer within

    Users can now imagine, create and design the perfect living space with designer3D

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  • Q & A with essastone ambassador, Guy Grossi
    Guy Grossi is once again essastone's ambassador.  We sat down with the passionate chef for a quick chat about food and design - two of his favourite topics.Read more
  • Laminex Australia 2015 Trends Forecast – Impulse
    This issue we’re shining a spotlight on Impulse from our 2015 Laminex Australia Trends Forecast. Impulse is eclectic and maximal.Read more
  • essastone and Laminex in the bathroom
    With stylish interiors and luxe bathroom options on the rise, home owners and renovators are seeking materials to create spaces with a resort or hotel feel.Read more
  • Muted colours
    One of this year’s hottest looks is the muted colour palette. Think pastels with grey and earthy tones paired with polar or antique white. Complement the look with natural materials including ceramic, woodgrains and rendered feature walls.Read more
  • Lyell McEwin Hospital
    To create the new 1000sqm ward, South Australian architectural practice, Cheesman Architects, worked with Laminex Australia to deliver an exceptional environment that would withstand high traffic, year after year, and still provide patients with a pleasant space.Read more
  • Laminex Decorative Screens
    To add style and sophistication to your outdoor space or external façade, Laminex introduces a new range of low maintenance decorative screens.


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  • Laminex Australia 2015 Trends Forecast – Essence
    The 2015 Trends Forecast from Laminex Australia embraces global design trends and adds a hint of local flavour.Read more
  • Baroque inspired interiors
    Get ready to release your inner decadence and take inspiration from a lavish bygone era with Baroque.Read more
  • Millhaven Lodge
    ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects were appointed to produce a space that improved the experience for residents, visitors and the broader community by moving away from an institutional feel. The design team used neutral solids, woodgrains, stone patterns and a touch of metallic to create a contemporary feel.Read more
  • Trade Essentials Fireguard
    Laminex Australia introduces Trade Essentials® Fireguard™ – a versatile, specialty MDF achieving the highest level of Building Code fire safety specification.Read more
  • Supporting young talent
    To support innovation and excellence in the emerging design industry, Laminex Australia recently offered a prize to interior architecture students at the University of South Australia.Read more
  • Bennelong Residence
    Scott Weston Architecture Design (SWAD) gives a Bennelong apartment a personal touch with Laminex products.Read more
  • Blue inspiration
    As a longstanding support act for bright, neutral or muted colour palettes, blue is finally the leading star for interiors.Read more
  • Laminex Metaline

    Laminex makes it easier for homeowners and renovators to create bespoke interiors with two new decors in the Laminex Metaline splashbacks and panels range.

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  • Bendigo Library

    The Bendigo Library is a community and civic space in rural Victoria. Award-winning architecture firm, MGS Architects, were briefed to transform the tired interior into a new contemporary space that referenced the adjacent Town Hall.

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  • Laminex Wall Panel Solutions
    Breathe life into commercial interiors with the new Laminex Wall Panel Solutions.Read more
  • Verona office fitout

    Verona Capital is a group focussed on investing in and developing local and international mining projects. 

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  • Laminex cut-to-size panels

    Laminex Australia has launched a new cut-to-size service for fabricators seeking a hassle-free, ready-to-install compact laminate panel solution.

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  • Laminex Innovations

    Laminex Innovations continues to lead design inspiration with nine new decors that reflect current international trends and are recipients of global design awards.

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  • Kokomo City Hall
    Kokomo City Hall, built in 1981, recently underwent internal renovations to parallel its function and use.Read more
  • Pentridge Jail
    One of Victoria’s most infamous buildings, Pentridge Jail, recently repurposed old prison cells into wine cellars. Claytons Group’s clever design of the fitout has provided a variety of storage options to hold private wine collections.Read more

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