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  • 2014 April - Laminex is now bringing walls to life
    With the introduction of Laminex Wall Panel Solutions, designers now have the ability to easily breathe new life into commercial interiors and integrate joinery using the extensive range of Laminex panel options, along with the new Button-Fix system exclusive to Laminex Australia. Download PDF
  • 2013 November - Laminex Impressions Textured Surfaces Nuance HPL

    Laminex has recently introduced a High Pressure Laminate (HPL) option, Nuance HPL, to match the popular Impressions Textured Surfaces Nuance finish. At a fraction of the cost of timber veneers, Nuance HPL enables designers, specifiers and architects to achieve the look of authentic timber whilst exploring new opportunities in residential and commercial design.

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  • 2013 April - Formica Anniversary Collection
    Formica is celebrating its 100th anniversary. To mark this milestone, a limited Formica Anniversary Collection of 12 are being launched. Download PDF
  • 2012 October - See the Difference, Feel the Difference with the Latest from Laminex
    Laminex continues to push the boundaries of inspirational decorative surfaces by launching a range of tactile textured finishes in conjunction with the new Laminex Colour Palette. Download PDF
  • 2012 October - Freestyle Curve Adds Four New Decors

    The thermoformable Laminex Freestyle Curve range has unveiled four new design-savvy decors, taking the complete collection to ten.

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  • 2012 October - Laminex Alfresco Compact Laminate Opens Up New Outdoor Design Possibilities

    The stylish and durable Laminex Alfresco Compact Laminate range is ideal for a myriad of outdoor design possibilities, from alfresco kitchens to customised outdoor furniture.

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  • 2012 May - The Updated Laminex Aquapanel Range
    Recent trends have seen the introduction of a large tile option to the Aquapanel range. With a neutral palette still being a favourite in wet areas, two shades of white – Polar White and Magnolia – join the durable, non-porous and grout free Aquapanel tile range as 100 x 100mm options. Download PDF
  • 2012 February - Luxurious and Longlasting: The Updated Laminex DiamondGloss Range
    Alongside the rise of gloss decorative surfaces being used in interiors, the developments in technology has also improved, resulting in a luxurious collection of hard wearing gloss surfaces – Laminex DiamondGloss surfaces. Download PDF
  • 2012 February - Laminex Freestyle Gets Ahead of the 'Curve'
    New Laminex Freestyle Curve opens up new surface design possibilities giving homeowners, renovators and designers the ability to embrace the fluidity of curved lines. Download PDF
  • 2012 February - Making a Splash in Interiors – Laminex Metaline Splashbacks and Panels
    Laminex continues to stand at the forefront of innovative and inspirational decorative surfaces with its latest release of decors to the Laminex Metaline splashbacks and panels range. Download PDF
  • 2011 November - Specialty Boards for Trade Professionals

    New to The Laminex Group is a range of Trade Essentials Specialty Board products, including Litecraft, Strandboard, Strandfloor, and Triboard in High Density, Pinnable and Lite varieties, providing a comprehensive and environmentally preferable offer in structural and non-structural applications to specifiers, architects, builders and trade professionals.

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  • 2011 November - Unlock Inspiration with the Latest Laminex Products
    Laminex unlocks the inspiration to create striking and versatile residential and commercial interiors. The latest additions to the Laminex Aluminium Framed doors, Laminex Silk Finish and Laminex Compact Laminate ranges raise the bar of innovation and design. Download PDF
  • 2011 October - Laminex Inspires Designs on a Grand Scale
    New Laminex 180fx surfaces introduce beauty with the scale of natural stone, transforming the way you look at decorative surfaces. Download PDF
  • 2011 May - Updated Laminex Innovations Range Brings Commercial Spaces to Life

    Celebrating cutting edge design, exciting textures and inspiring colours, Laminex has updated its Innovations range with 22 new decors set to transform the design possibilities for commercial spaces.

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  • 2011 May - Laminex Fusion debuts the "This Life" Collection

    Leading decorative surfaces brand, Laminex has teamed up with one of Australia's foremost textile designers, Julie Paterson, in a never-before-seen collaboration to bring 15 exclusive new designs to Laminex Fusion surfaces.

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  • 2011 April - Laminex Introduces Stronger and more Sophisticated Timber Veneers

    This latest innovation from Laminex pushes and explores the decorative nature of timber veneers, empowering designers and specifiers to look beyond the traditional use for timber veneers and embrace new design possibilities.

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  • 2011 February - Laminex Launches New Website

    Laminex launches into a new realm of design and inspiration with its new look website. The revamped website is a ‘one stop shop’ for designers and specifiers wanting the latest information on design trends and products.

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  • 2010 November - Formica GlossPlus, the Latest in High Gloss HPLs

    Formica is turning heads with the latest in high gloss, high pressure laminate – Formica GlossPlus, making it easy for designers and specifiers to recreate the latest interior look in residential and commercial spaces, without the premium price tag.

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  • 2010 October - Laminex Launches XR Grade, the Most Robust Compact Laminate

    Robust enough to endure burns, scratches, chemical abuse and general wear and tear, Laminex has launched XR Grade – an extra resilient compact laminate surface designed to withstand the demanding environment of restaurants, cafes and commercial spaces.

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  • 2010 October - Laminex Unveils New Colour Palette

    Twenty-two new decors consisting of solids, abstract designs, stone patterns and woodgrains debut in the biggest Laminex Colour Palette revamp in the last four years, bringing the Laminex Colour Palette to a total of 216 colours.

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  • 2010 September - Formica Unveils Brand New Look

    Unveiled in September 2010, Formica has launched a new suite of collateral showcasing the latest products and colours with fresh new photography, showing that achieving a modern, affordable and impressive interior is now easier than ever before.

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  • 2010 August - Formica Vinyl Doors Opens the Door to a Fully Integrated Look

    The latest expansion to the Formica Vinyl Door range offers designers a complete solution to harmonise colours and finishes with the wider Formica range to create a fully integrated, modern look for any interior.

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  • 2010 July - New Solid Decors Add Depth to Laminex DiamondGloss Surfaces

    With the latest unveiling of six new solid decors in its sought-after range of Laminex DiamondGloss Surfaces, Laminex continues to explore and push the frontiers of superior, flexible interior design.

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  • 2010 June - Formica Introduces Gloss Panels

    Decorative surfaces brand Formica is commanding attention indoors with the introduction of its panels gloss offering, ideal for designers looking to create a visually striking and unique interior.

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  • 2010 June - Laminex unveils seven new Squareform Benchtops colours

    Laminex has added seven contemporary new decors to its Squareform Benchtop range, expanding its inspired benchtop offering to 31 decors that amplify every kitchen’s sense of style.

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  • 2010 June - The Laminex Group Launches designer3D, an Online Design Tool

    Utilising the latest 3D design rendering technology, designer3D allows users to have complete control of the layout, design and colour scheme to not only create their perfect space but also visualise how it will look in a completely furnished and decorated context.

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  • 2010 May - 14 New Designs for Laminex Fusion Surfaces

    The addition of 14 striking new designs to the Fusion Design Source category gives designers a superior resource for contemporary and unique digitally printed design solutions.

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  • 2010 May - Laminex Metaline Introduces a Splashback Solution

    Laminex Metaline Splashbacks have been specially designed for easy vertical installation in areas with an emphasis on style, providing an ideal splashback solution in kitchens behind gas and electric cooktops as well as being ideal for wet area wall linings.

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  • 2010 April - Laminex Unveils new Laminex CrystalGloss Surfaces

    New Laminex CrystalGloss Surfaces raise the bar for vertical interior surfaces and panels with innovative design and exceptional high gloss.

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  • 2010 March - essastone Enhances the Range with 20 New Designs

    essastone reveals a visionary design direction for decorative stone surfaces, with its sophisticated new palette of designs combining inviting textures and radiant decors to create a lasting impression of master craftsmanship.

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  • 2010 March - Formica Unveils New Dimensions in Colour Choice

    Celebrated surface solutions provider, Formica, has created a whole new world of design possibilities revealing 15 stylish new colours to expand its already extensive colour palette to 175 colour options.

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  • 2010 February - Laminex Silk Finish Crafts the Perfect Design Package

    Laminex is dedicated to inspiring interior projects where colours and finishes skillfully work together to create a visual statement which flows seamlessly across every element of the design.

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  • 2010 January - Laminex Aquapanel as the Choice for Wet Area Wall Panelling

    Laminex has streamlined its Wet Area Panelling offerings, Vizage and Aquapanel, into a single range: Laminex Aquapanel.

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